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Product Line



* Interferential Units

* Mobility

* TENS Units

* NMES Units

* HVG Units

* Biofeedback Units

* Pain Pumps

* CPM Units

* Bone Growth Units

* Cold Therapy

* Traction

* Electrodes

* Supplies

* Bracing

* Compression Therapy









NMES Units_________________________



For the Prevention of Disuse Atrophy as well as Muscle Re-Education, Increasing Range of Motion and Increasing Circulation.


American National DME is proud to offer the following durable medical equipment:



EMS 2000


BioMedical Life Systems





Analog NMES:
     ● EMS 2000

Digital NMES







Digital NMES:
     ● BioStim NMS+
     ● QuadStar


Intelect NMES

Chattanooga Group






Digital NMES:
     ● Intelect NMES Digital




A ProMed Product






Analog NMES:
     ● ProM-500


Note:  A prescription is required to order this product if you are not a licensed healthcare practitioner.







ANDME's Featured Product!


The ANDME-1 Interferential &

Muscle Stimulator



 Indicated For:
  * Chronic Pain Management
  * Acute Pain Management
  * Muscle Spasms
  * Increasing Blood Circulation
  * Increasing Range of Motion
  * Muscle Disuse Atrophy
  * Muscle Re-Education